My Pregnancy Journal (Weeks 8-28)

January 24, 2015 by Melanie Faris

The day I found out I was pregnant, I never realized how much my life would change. I knew it would change in the future when baby arrives (obviously), but I didn’t expect so much to change right now while pregnant. I sit here typing this feeling my little baby squirming in my belly. The soft kicks (okay, not so soft anymore), the gentle jabs and the occasional hiccups bring me more joy than I could ever imagine. It’s amazing. My love for life, my husband and this new little being is beyond measurable.

Pregnancy has been a learning experience. One filled with unique challenges and new discoveries. I’ve learned that every Mother has their own experience and wealth of knowledge to share about being pregnant. I’ve also learned not to take too “literally” everything I read or what everyone says to me. I’ve created my own path and discovered what works for me. I broke a lot of the “pregnancy rules” out there, but me and baby are still kickin’ (literally). SO, with that being said – this isn’t a “how to” or “guide” to pregnancy. This post is simply a peek into what I have found on my own journey.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my pregnancy journal entries with you. This may be especially helpful for all you pregnant ladies (or soon to be), or fun for you to read even if you have “been there”, and “done that”. Here’s my journey so far…


My Pregnancy Journal


8 Weeks Pregnant

7-8 weeks 7-8 week2

I have felt like a sloth for the past week. Been feeling nauseous since week 6 and the only thing I want is Chicken Noodle Soup. Must be Campbell’s or Dads homemade. Dad made me his homemade soup, but I ate it all in one day so it’s back to the can. Sent Thomas to the grocery store to get me a bunch of cans and saltine crackers. I sleep with the crackers beside me so I can eat them first thing in the morning to help with nausea. I haven’t puked – just feel sick. Going to try and get to the gym and move around a bit. The couch has been my new best friend.

9 Weeks Pregnant

Cravings: Mucho Burrito – I had Thomas drive 30 minutes to get me one for dinner. I could eat them every single day. No guacamole though. I’m not feelin it lately (weird since I usually love it).

Feeling really great the last few days. I am back cooking again! Yay! I am so glad to be back in the kitchen. Mom came over and we ate some leek and potato soup that I made. She rubbed my hair and tickled my arms – doing what Moms do best. I can’t wait to have my own little baby to tickle and love.

Side note: hopefully this 1st trimester gas goes away soon. Poor Thomas…

10 Weeks Pregnant

9-10 weeks2 9-10 weeks

Cravings: Turkey Deli Meat Sandwiches. Subway. Pickles. Apparently deli meat is “lethal” during pregnancy, but I’m breaking the rules. It’s all I want or feel like eating, so I’m going with it…

Feeling better as time passes. Not feeling so great around dinner time. If I take a nap, I usually feel nauseous when I wake up, but I need to nap. Must get my sleep or I feel worse. Zero motivation to exercise. Can only stomach specific foods that I am craving. Drinking more juice these days, water just isn’t very appealing. Still gassy (oh dear), but at least I’m not constipated like many women during pregnancy! Looking forward to the days when I can eat more food. I don’t have any sign of a “pregnant belly”, just looking fat with giant boobs. This feeling isn’t so uncomfortable.

11 Weeks Pregnant

Met with my midwife this week. All is well! I get to do an early ultrasound to confirm how far along I am. I am very excited to see our baby! 

I have my ups and downs. Still getting some nausea and still wanting subway sandwiches. I feel guilty walking into Subway, praying I don’t see anyone I know. But it’s all I want!! Don’t judge me. I had it for 3 days in a row (feel like I’m back in high school again). Also craving cucumber and avocado sushi rolls/hand rolls. I could eat them every day (this week at least). The sushi guy knows what I want when I go in. He must think I’m nuts. 

Feeling very lazy. No motivation to exercise or do much of anything. I basically want to lie around and watch tv.

Oh – my belly is growing. Mostly bloating at night, but I love staring at it now. I am excited to walk around with a pregnant belly! Getting there…

13 Weeks Pregnant


 Went for my ultrasound last week. Not the experience I was expecting. Wasn’t like in the movies where the couple goes in together holding hands and watch their baby together on the screen. Didn’t get to see the baby hardly at all, Thomas couldn’t be in the room until the end, and I couldn’t take the pictures home. =( Boohoo. I think my date is a bit off too, so it’s good that I went in. As long as baby is healthy that’s all that matters!

Starting to get a small baby bump. Not noticeable to others, but I can see it! I finally made my official pregnancy announcement online. So nice to have so much support! I wanted to use my ultrasound picture, but I didn’t have the option, and I was too excited to wait.

16 Weeks Pregnant

Cravings: Still want Subway, BREAD, bagels (with cream cheese) & sandwiches.

Thomas notices I have a belly now! Not really noticeable to others, but I’m getting excited that at least he can see it. My belly isn’t the only thing growing. My legs and butt are growing too. Now up to a size 6 jeans (usually around 3-4). They are snug. Buying my pants from Plato’s Closet (a 2nd hand store) so I don’t empty our bank account on new clothes. However, Zulily is an online store that I have become obsessed with. Their maternity clothes are too awesome to turn down. I need to prepare for my future belly right? 😉

Bra Size: 34 D. Getting tight. All my old bras are going into storage. Nothing fits!

Hoping that I only gain baby weight and not fat. Is that even possible with the food I want to eat all the time? hmph. This isn’t so easy. I thought I would be the girl at the gym who eats all organic healthy food during my pregnancies. Forget it, pass me the bread and butter, I don’t want lettuce.

*Haven’t felt any movements from the baby yet.

18 Weeks Pregnant

Finally felt the baby kick at 17 weeks! So cute. Feels like little bubbles in my belly, or tap tap. Right in my lower belly. Thomas felt it too (not strongly though, or maybe he’s just being nice).

Feeling self conscious about my size. Arms are getting fat and getting stretch marks at the back on my legs. I have been slathering on stretch mark creams and oils (Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter & Oil). I have heard amazing reviews on these products. Unfortunately genetics have gotten the best of me. Hoping to avoid any on my belly or the top of my boobs. I really don’t want any! Wahhh.

Bra size: 34 DD. Going up…these things need to stop growing.

Praying I don’t grow out of my maternity clothes – we head off to New Zealand in 2 weeks. Nausea is gone so I’m so glad we are doing this trip before baby arrives. I will finally be getting some exercise hiking and walking daily.

20-24 Weeks Pregnant

21-22 weeks 23 weeks 24 weeks

I am feeling great now! No gas! Yay! Best part of the pregnancy so far. Starting to get a bit of back pain (upper and lower back). I’m not tired anymore and have lots of energy. Zero nausea!

I finally had someone notice that I am pregnant. My smile was from ear to ear when she asked how far along I am. I look pregnant!! Yay!

Getting kicked lots now by the baby. I can feel the baby inside me pushing up against my belly with his or her back. So cool.

No cravings really, besides having eggs for breakfast. I want them daily. I feel normal now. I have a regular appetite. I gave up coffee for the 1st trimester (didn’t even feel like it then), but I’m having 1/day now. How could I possibly say no to NZ and AU coffee?! Impossible. It’s incredible.

My feet and ankles swelled up after the plane ride. Never experienced that before. I almost cried when I looked at them. My shoes hardly fit after the plane. It was a good excuse to ask Thomas for a foot massage. 😉

I am peeing all the time, except during the night. I didn’t find that I had to pee a lot during the 1st trimester (like everyone says online and in the books), but more so in the 2nd trimester. Thankfully I’m not up during the night to pee. I think Thomas is pregnant too, he always has to get up to pee. It is true what they say – you are pregnant together lol.

I broke a pregnancy rule: I had eggs benedict in Australia. I couldn’t help myself. It looked to die for, so I took the chance. I didn’t die, and neither did baby. All is good 🙂

Weight: Approx 150 lbs (+20 lbs from pre pregnancy weight)…feeling like I’ve gained a lot already, but I’m not worrying about it.

  23 weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant

IMG_2676 IMG_2677

 I am really looking pregnant now (and loving it). Still have lots of energy! The baby is kicking so hard that I actually wakes me up (usually at 5:30am). I have a very active one inside of me. The baby kicks a lot higher now (in my rib area).

Experiencing some heartburn (after eating pizza). Maybe that’s my body telling me not to eat it, lol. But it’s soooo good.

Craving: Chocolate. It’s Christmas time, so stocking stuffers are being demolished.

I can’t eat much in one sitting. I have to space my meals and eat more frequently now.

Noticed some stretch marks on my sides near my hips. Ughh. They are small so I’m hoping they stay that way.

20 week ultrasound results came it – baby has a small cyst on his or her brain. Nothing to worry about and quite normal apparently. At first I was terrified and wanted to cry. I listened to the midwife explain the details, and basically she said it will be gone by the time the baby is born. I feel a peace about it and know that God is taking care of us. I’m not worried.

-Placenta is posterior. Initially I was told that it was at the front, but it’s actually at the back. This explains why I can feel the baby so strongly all of the time! I’m so glad because I love the feeling, even if it gets uncomfortable sometimes.

-Sleep is uncomfortable on my back now. Before I was sleeping on my back all of the time (I felt fine so I went with it), but now it’s not so comfortable. Time to sleep on my side.

-Getting bad upper back pain.

26 Weeks Pregnant

25-26 weeks

Decided the shovel the driveway after a big snow storm. I was convinced I could do it – even though Thomas tried to talk me out of it. I did the entire driveway and felt great. Bent over to take off my boot and pulled my back right out. Chiropractor fixed me up and I feel fine now. He encouraged me to continue shoveling, but I think I will take my Husbands advice…for now ;).

My appetite is increasing finally. Feeling hungry mostly at night. Haven’t had an increase in my appetite thus far.

Baths are my new favourite thing. I love baths. I know I’m not “supposed to”, but I’m breaking another rule, and loving it.

Thomas tickles the baby now and gets kicked back. It’s so cute. I love how Thomas is with the baby and I. Having his hand on my belly is the best feeling in the world. We have a new connection and love for each other, it’s beautiful.

27 Weeks Pregnant

Cravings: Nothing crazy – love avocados, eggs & night-time snack of honey greek yogurt with berries. Yum!

Finally back in a gym routine. Going around 3x’s per week. Usually hop on a cardio machine for a good 30 minutes to start (nothing intense – mostly walking on an incline or on the elliptical machine). I also try to get in some full body resistance training. Squats – not easy and can hardly do my body weight. The baby likes to sit low and it’s very uncomfortable to even bend down. Mostly just listening to my body and doing what feels right. I actually like exercising while pregnant! You don’t have to work very hard to get a good workout in :).

I notice that the baby likes to wake up when I wake up. I don’t usually wake up from the baby kicking (although it has happened), but when I wake up, within a few minutes I feel movements from the baby too.

28 Weeks Pregnant

28 weeks

Craving: Avocado on toast with salt and pepper. Egg salad sandwich.

Experienced my first leg cramp (charley horse) in the middle of the night. Woke up screaming in pain. It went away after I flexed my foot. Thank goodness I wasn’t in early labour – Thomas would have slept right through it. He was talking away in his sleep, laughing and having a grand ‘ol time while I was dying (ok, I wasn’t dying, but I thought my leg was ripping in half!).

I get full pretty soon after I start eating. I am hungry often, but can’t eat the way I used to. Still hungry at night and always have my bedtime yogurt.

On a great exercise routine – going around 4-5 days a week. I feel great while I’m there (besides my lovely over-sized t-shirts and tight pants I have to wear now). I definitely feel better going to the gym on a regular basis – it’s so easy to sit on the couch when you’re pregnant, but it’s important to keep moving!

Pretty happy with my weight gain so far. At 152 lbs now (+22lbs since pre pregnancy weight). I would like to gain around 30 lbs total, but I’m not stressing over it. I feel good and baby is healthy. What more could I ask for?

Stretch marks are fading now. I don’t know if it’s the cream or if my skin isn’t stretching much anymore. Here’s hoping!

Baby moves a lot as usual. I can actually feel the limbs now. Such a strange feeling, but it is so much fun to feel a little foot or elbow. Baby seems to love squirming around my belly button (which still hasn’t popped out yet). Hope I get a cute outie soon!

Felt the hiccups 2x’s. My baby doesn’t get them often. Not a strong feeling, but repetitive so I know what it is.

Ps. the gas is back…


That’s it for now! Check back for more pregnancy journal entries to come…


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    Wonderful Melanie, loved the read. looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    Isn’t being pregnant beautiful? Loved reading your daily journal – it brought back great memories.

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