Food Wars


Welcome to Food Wars


The battle between Melanie Faris’ healthy recipe vs a similar food product on the market

Who will win?

You are the judge. You pick the winner.


By the end of this game, you will be left with one decision:

Which food wins you over and which one is heading to the trashcan? You decide.

This is a “battle of the foods.” I invite everyone to participate in this fun battle (healthy eaters or not!). There will be prize drawn for one person and All who participate have a chance to win. Keep reading below for the rules of the war if you dare to enter the battle grounds…

You will pick the winner based on a comparison of taste, ingredients, and nutritional information provided.

Here are the rules for all who wish to participate and be entered to win a prize:

1. You (now referred to as the “Judge”) must “like” my Facebook page. <—–Click that link and do this first! (If you do not have Facebook, you can subscribe to my blog by email instead.)

2. The Judge must be fair to both parties. This means you must try both foods in the war (my recipe and the popular food product). Yes, you heard me – you get to eat the unhealthy food too. (You don’t have to eat the entire thing. That is up to you in the end.)

3. The Judge must prepare (and try) the Melanie Faris recipe posted on the Food Wars blog link below. Please use all ingredients as listed on the blog post to prepare Melanie Faris’ recipe. *Substitutions can be used if approved by Melanie Faris. (This will also help you stay on track with your diet! I realize this takes some time on your part, but think of it this way – you will have healthy food to snack on for the entire week!)

4. The Judge must also buy and try the popular food item (one bite is sufficient for the battle).

5. Posted on the Food Wars Blog below, look over the ingredients and food comparison of both foods provided by Melanie Faris.

6. Finally – the Judge must take a picture of both foods as proof of their participation and post it on your Facebook page. Tag Melanie Faris – Faith, Food and Fitness in the picture. Photo can include a picture of you pointing to the winner of the battle, taking a bite, or just the food itself…whatever you want. Have fun with it! As long as both foods are included in the photo this is fine. Don’t forget to let us know who you picked as your winner of the battle in your post! Those who do not have Facebook can still be entered to win the prize by emailing the photo to with the subject line:food wars.

The judge will decide on the winner by answering this question:

Based on all comparisons (taste, ingredients and nutritional information), what food do you decide to finish eating & what one goes into the trashcan?

Click HERE to enter the battle. This is Food War Battle #1 – Recipe and nutritional information.


You do not have to throw any food if you do not want. All who participate in Food Wars following the rules are eligible to win the prize of the battle posted on the link above. The winner will be contacted by Melanie Faris through Facebook or email. The prize for each game differs and will be listed on the blog post along with the Melanie Faris recipe. Please look over the ingredients before starting this game to ensure that you have no allergies. I can not predict whether or not you will like my recipe – this is a risk you are willing to take by participating in the game. This game is not intended to promote the purchase of unhealthy food. In fact, I am hoping it will do the opposite in the end by causing you to think twice before buying certain foods. Please note that all nutritional information for Melanie Faris’ recipes have been calculated to the best of my knowledge and may vary depending on brands and products used for each recipe. This is to give you a general idea and nutritional comparison. The nutritional information of the popular food brand has been taken directly from their site. And remember – have fun with this!



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