This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Food. I seriously love food! The alarm clock rings and the first thought in my head is breakfast. What can I make today? More than likely, I have already pre-planned my breakfast the night before…yes, I am serious. I can remember the mornings growing up at my parent’s house when my Mom would surprise me with breakfast in the morning. She was doing this as a favour, which was so sweet, but to me, it messed up my whole morning! I am not kidding. As much as I love Mom and her cooking, if I had already envisioned my breakfast the night before while lying in bed, I really want to taste it the next morning! Mmmm…egg white scramble and oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, cinnamon and almond milk. Yummm

“Honey, I made you some cereal for breakfast.” Mom would say as she peeked her head in my bedroom. I raced downstairs to see if it was too late…yep, the cereal already has the milk in it. There’s no pouring that back in the container! I am not this crazy with my meals all of the time. I usually really appreciate a meal that I don’t have to cook myself. I am only sharing this with you so you can get an idea of how much I think about and LOVE food.

I also like schedules and plans…can you tell? I enjoy planning my day and knowing exactly what’s next. This has benefited me greatly with my success with healthy eating. I often type up my own menu plan for a day so that I have something to follow, and so I am less likely to eat unhealthy. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to eat healthier. There is something about writing things down that help you commit to it. This can also be applied to fitness, or any other goals you have for yourself.

When it comes to food, I really love my Husband’s perspective. He says, “If it wasn’t around 100 years ago, don’t eat it.” Simple as that!

I usually take a long time in the grocery store because I love to investigate the ingredients of everything I buy. I realize not everyone has time for this, but I thoroughly enjoy it and care about the food that I eat on a regular basis. I also care about the food you eat too, which is why I share a lot of information on food products I find – healthy or not so healthy. I have discovered that the closer food is to the way God made it, the better!

I like to fill my cart first with anything that comes directly from the earth, and organic when possible.

  • Vegetables, and lots of ’em! Anything I can put in a salad, soup or steam for dinner, I pack in my cart. I buy tons of dark leafy vegetables, flower vegetables and pod vegetables. My favourite root vegetable is by far the sweet potato and is almost always in my cart. I eat sweet potatoes more often than any other root vegetable. They are sweet, but don’t cause a spike in your blood sugar. They are one of the best forms of carbohydrates you can eat with a ton of health benefits to boot! One type of vegetable that I avoid buying is corn. It is added to almost everything these days. Almost all corn is genetically modified and we already get more than enough in our diet. *I do like to buy corn on the cob in the late summer. I have loved it since I was a little girl, and will continue to enjoy it when it is fresh and in season at home!
  • Fruits – A moderate amount. I don’t like to waste, and I don’t eat as much fruit as I do veggies. I usually buy two or three varieties at a time to last throughout the week. We almost always have bananas in our house. Perfect for before or after a workout when your body needs that sugar!

Now that you know what foods fill most my shopping cart, lets move on to the rest of my shopping cart, which is important too. I like to first walk around the outside of the grocery store. Don’t go to the centre aisles first. This is dangerous. The outside of the grocery store is where the freshest food hangs out! Here is my favourite and most purchased “outside aisle” items (not including fruits and veggies):

  • Lean Ground Chicken & Chicken Breast
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Top Sirloin Steak (or a lean cut roast beef)
  • Shrimp
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Wild Caught White Fish
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Plain 0% Greek Yogurt
  • Organic Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • Organic Butter (never margarine!)


When I am done walking the parameter of the grocery store, I then venture into the “danger zone” – AKA the centre aisles. I read all of the labels of what I buy and don’t tempt myself by walking down the chip or pop aisle. I love the organic/healthy aisle and find the remainder of my shopping cart items here. I generally grab some brown rice, quinoa, couscous, large flake and steel-cut oats, almond milk and a few canned items like tuna or tomato sauce.

I do my best when I go to the grocery store, but I am not perfect. I am human. I like to eat junk food and treats on occasion too! I do my best to eat as healthy as possible, while still enjoying the foods that I love.


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